Executive Training

We deliver bespoke executive training throughout the year, touching on the key skills that individuals need to progress at executive level. We know that there are limited opportunities for senior executives to ask questions and learn new skills amongst peers, and we believe our training offers that opportunity in an accessible and prices sensitive way. We can also support organisations through running group trainings and facilitating away days.

When attending our trainings, delegates will be encouraged to relate exercises back to their current work, and each workshop will conclude with the submission of an action plan. Our trainings are usually delivered by an experienced facilitator, who is in tern supported by industry experts to ensure peer to peer learning.

Sessions are interactive throughout, with group activities taking place in the second half of the training, allowing those that work shorter hours to be able to attend two halves on separate dates. We will also make available content that can be viewed online whilst ensuring all required learning outcomes are met. We have incorporated a mix of delivery methods to ensure that all attendees are engaged throughout and achieve the learning objective.


About Inclusive Boards

We specialise in helping organisations to develop more diverse boards and senior teams.

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