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Diversity used as ‘PR glow’ in the Asset Management Industry?

The UK asset management industry’s top brass, which refers to the managing tiers of these industries assembled together on Monday 18th September 2017. In looking at the typical manager of many business firms, a survey conducted by Mercer found that managers are most likely to be male, white, middle-aged and and heterosexual. Along with this he is likely to be

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Is there a negative impact of colour-blindness approach on organisations and individual employees?

Deloitte’s recent decision to omit its Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) has sparked a new flavour of conversation in the world of diversity. ERG’s essentially was a three-fold dynamic which endeavoured to leave out white men with somewhat hopes of increasing diversity at the workplace. However, Deloitte’s reasons for clamping down on such a regime was because of their belief in

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Tove Okunniwa’s wealth of experience wins her the London Sport’s new Chief Executive role

From 18th September 2017 the former chief executive of Havas Sport & Entertainment, Tove Okunniwa, will take up her post as the chief executive of London Sport. Tove comes into her role with an array of expertise in sport, as well as commercial and marketing consultations. Prior to her recent offer she was the Managing Director of WPP agency, during

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UK television’s representation of diversity

The recent Ofcom report published looked into ‘Diversity and equal opportunities in television’. Part of this report highlighted that broadcasters need to widen the range of talent working on and off screen. This included the difficulties of minority groups getting into television. The study at large focuses in on five main British broadcasters: the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky and

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Football Firsts: An Evening Celebrating Black Footballer’s Achievements

Along with the many great events that take place in the month of October commemorating Black History Month lies another great event coming up on Friday 13th October 2017. This event is dynamic in and of itself as the Paul Canoville Foundation in association with Street Cred Productions will be honouring and celebrating Black Footballers. The evening has been set

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Do we need diversity or simply inclusion in the technology sector? Or do we need both?

A former Software Engineer at Google criticised the company’s efforts in attempting to diversify and improve its gender imbalance to biological differences between men and women. Much similarly found at Intel following, their diversity report release. This report projected their 2020 diversity goals. Unsurprisingly, the projection still showed that by 2020 the companies diversity growth would have improved mildly –

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Third Annual Rawls Diversity Symposium

The third annual Rawls Diversity Symposium took place this year, in early September at the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business in Texas. The symposium takes place each year, seeking to encourage diversity within typically uniformed occupational sectors. The purpose of symposium was set to provide perspectives from those in academia and in the workforce. The topic in discussion was

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Academic and Business personnel accepted onto IT board in Switzerland. Good enough?

In striving towards strengthening the quality of its leadership team Evalueserve welcomed Dr Christian Casal and Armin Meier to its Board of Directors. Both Casal and Meier as executives add a range of expertise in corporate governance and senior management. Unsurprisingly, these are qualities which compliment members of the current Board of Executives for Evalueserve. Christin Casal holds a PhD in

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CEOs, Leadership Styles and CSR

According to the PwC CEO survey of 2016 around 49% of CEO’s are taking active measures to develop their leadership. The report stated that it was necessary for CEO’s to be “able to operate in a world with multiple stakeholders, different values and diverse attitudes toward law and rights, all in an increasingly volatile economic context”. This has transcended into

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