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    This is a condition on entry. All successful entrants will be contacted by Wednesday, 26 May 2021

    Is the nominee a rising star or senior leader?

    Rising Star (aged 35 or younger on 30 April 2021)Senior Leader (generally with at least 10 years’ experience)

    Which sector does the nominee work in?

    Details Of The Person That Is Being Nominated

    Full Name Company website
    Date of birth(dd/mm/yyyy) City/Location of business operations
    Job title Preferred email address
    Company name Preferred telephone number

    The following questions are regarding your business. Please ensure that you answer all questions before submitting your nomination. If you do not have the relevant financial information to hand, please consult the relevant contact.

    What is the current number of employees in the nominee's business?

    Type of Business Entity

    Financial Information :

    If you are unable to provide finalised account information for 2019, please state your projected turnover and profit.

    Projected Turnover (Financial Year 2021) Projected Net Profit (Financial Year 2021) Annual Net Profit (Financial Year 2020)
    Annual Turnover (Financial Year 2020) Annual Turnover (Financial Year 2019) Annual Net Profit (Financial Year 2019)

    Financial Reference

    Please provide the contact details for a reference from a certified business professional,i.e. Bank Manager or Chartered Accountant. This reference must be independent and external to the business and will only be contacted if this entry is shortlisted for Judging Day.

    Nominations will not proceed to the next stage without a financial reference being supplied

    Full name of independent financial referee Company name
    Relationship to Entrant Email Address
    Job title Telephone Number

    The following questions are mandatory, and the word limit will be strictly enforced. Please refer back to the the top tips for successful entrants on page 1 for guidance.

    In 100 words, please give a brief overview of the nominee’s company including the nature of the business and brief description of its activity.

    In 300 words, please outline nominee’s career path and provide tangible evidence demonstrating the business success(e.g. profitability, growth, market share, competitive USP, awards, nominee’s approach to business development etc).

    In 100 words, please explain how the nominee supports others in their industry and why they ae a role model to others aspiring to work in that particular industry. See page one for top tips for successful entrants.

    Will you be submitting supporting evidence?

    All supporting evidence must be submitted online. You can submit up to THREE documents including press releases, news articles, photographs, testimonials or other items which you think will help the Judging Panel make informed decisions about the nominee. The BBBAwards does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of material submitted.

    Details Of The Person That Is Being Nominated

    We will require this information prior to the submission of this nomination form. The referee will only be contacted should the entrant be shortlisted. The entrant will be notified prior to the BBBAwards team getting in touch with the referee.

    Full Name of referee Relationship to entrant
    Job title Telephone number
    Company name Email address

    Declaration: To be signed by the person completing this nomination form. I confirm that I am the person submitting this entry and that the information provided in this nomination is true and complete. I understand that the judging panel retain the right to shortlist the nominee for categories that I may not have entered if they deem it appropriate. I understand that information from my nomination may be used for press and publicity purposes unless non-publicly available financial details have been specifically, and clearly marked otherwise. Inclusive Boards will not be liable for inaccuracies published based on nomination content and changes may not be possible after publication. By submitting this nomination, you agree to the BBBAwards retaining your details and to receive further information regarding this event and other relevant products.

    I agree with the above statement

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