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Nader Henein

Staunch Advocate of Personal Data Protection at Gartner

Nader Henein has over two decades of battle-worn experience on either side of the fence, working with regulators supporting the development of modern privacy laws and working with organizations helping them to understand the regulatory, and more importantly, the ethical aspects of better handling personal information.
A Fellow of Information Privacy, he is a staunch advocate of personal data protection, at Gartner, his role is that of thought leader, working hand in hand with clients across a wide range of verticals to address privacy and personal data management challenges brought on by ever-increasing technology adoption and regulatory cadence. He has championed the concept of privacy becoming a conviction-based motivator similar to ‘organic’ and ‘cruelty-free’. Mr Henein believes that individuals today are more than ever likely to choose who they do business with based on where their personal details and those of their families are best protected.

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