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Valerie Moran

Head of Operations and Client Relations of Prepaid Financial Services

Valerie Moran is the wealthiest black female in the UK – The Sunday Times Rich List 2019. Valerie, who has been described by a reader of The Financial Times as the “UK’s Oprah,” is the only black female ever to enter the list in the 31-edition history of the publication. From Forbes to CNN, BBC to live in-studio with Sky News and a feature in OK Magazine, her Diversity and Inclusion story has captured the imagination.

Valerie brings a refreshing air of tenacity to the worlds of FinTech and philanthropy. Now, Head of Operations & Client Relations at PFS, she held the honour of being Employee No.1 in 2008 as the company’s Implementation Project Manager. Over the years, her analytical mind and suave management style have helped to put the company on the global Regulated Financial Services map. Valerie and her husband Noel are one of the world’s most successful couples in Financial Technology. Their company has now returned profits for 11 consecutive years and is eyeing an IPO in 2020. She oversaw the donation of the equivalent of 200,000 school meals to hungry children in Mali in West Africa with PFS, Mastercard and the United Nations World Food Programme.

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