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Professionals Nomination Form

Who is completing this form?

The nomineeSomeone else on behalf of the nominee

Mandatory attendance of Judging Day and the Awards Ceremony: If shortlisted, please confirm that the nominee is able to attend a short interview with the Judging Panel in Central London on the morning of Thursday, 25 June 2020 and the Awards Ceremony on the evening of Thursday, 1 October 2020

Is the nominee a rising star or senior leader?

Rising Star (aged 35 or younger on 30 April 2020)Senior Leader (generally with at least 10 years’ experience)

Which sector does the nominee work in?

Details of the nominee - Full name, Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy), Job Title and Company

Nominee's Email Address

Nominee's preferred telephone number

What is the number of employees in your company/firm in the UK?

Independent Reference: Please provide the following - Full Name, Relationship to Entrant, Job Title, Company, Email Address

Nominee's Career Path: In 250 words, please provide a brief overview of the nominee’s career path to date and their role within the current company/organisation including key responsibilities, how long they have been in the role etc

Tangible Evidence of the Nominee's Success: In 250 words, please provide tangible/measurable evidence of the nominee’s success and how they support others in their industry.

Supporting Evidence: If you would like to submit supporting evidence, please indicate below and send a MAXIMUM of 3 documents to appointments@inclusiveboards.co.uk.

Yes, I would like to submit supporting evidenceNo, I would not like to submit supporting evidence

How did you hear about the BBBAwards?

Declaration: To be signed by the person completing this nomination form. I confirm that I am the person submitting this entry and that the information provided in this nomination is true and complete. I understand that the judging panel retain the right to shortlist the nominee for categories that I may not have entered if they deem it appropriate. I understand that information from my nomination may be used for press and publicity purposes unless non-publicly available financial details have been specifically, and clearly marked otherwise. The Inclusive Boards will not be liable for inaccuracies published based on nomination content and changes may not be possible after publication. By submitting this nomination, you agree to the BBBAwards retaining your details and to receiving further information regarding this event and other relevant products.

I agree with the above statement

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