The Summer Jobs Programme

On behalf of our partners, UK Youth and the Youth Endowment Fund, Inclusive Boards invites you to participate in one of the most significant nationwide social impact initiatives to achieve high-value outcomes for employers and youth.

About the Summer Jobs Programme

The Summer Jobs Programme is a youth employment programme with a difference. Based on learning from life-changing programmes in the USA, we are offering paid employment opportunities and highly skilled youth worker support to young people facing severe disadvantage and at risk of violence across the UK.

The aim of the Summer Jobs Programme is to build new skills, boost job prospects, and prevent young people from getting involved in crime. The programme funding includes a rigorous evaluation and, if the first year is successful, it will be expanded in scale and tested using a world-class randomised control trial.

The Summer Jobs Programme is a highly subsidised programme where young people will be paid the national living wage, receive skilled youth worker support, and have a world-class evaluation funded too.


Inclusive Boards' Role

Inclusive Boards is the leading programme partner for the recruitment and onboarding of participating employers to the Summer Jobs Programme.

We are seeking employers to the programme who are prepared to welcome, work with, mentor and supervise a young worker(s) at risk of violence, in a safe and supported way, throughout the duration of their 5-week placement.



Essential Criteria

  • Your employment opportunities/work sites are based in North/East London, South London, West Midlands, or Greater Manchester.
  • You will have a dedicated supervisor and young person mentor for the duration of the 5-week placement.
  • You are committed to undergoing onboarding training before the 5-week placement.
  • You are not in the business of the following industries: Firearms; Adult entertainment, Solely trade in alcohol; Vapes; Gambling.


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Deadline 31/05/2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

By completing our easy to apply online application form. Applications for our ‘Summer Jobs Programme’ are open in March 2024.

How do I know if my organisation is eligible?

At a minimum:

  • Your work placement opportunity is within North/East London, South London, West Midlands, or Greater Manchester
  • You have a job role or project for 5 weeks during the period of July to September 2024
  • You will provide a dedicated line manager and mentor to support the young person for the duration of employment
  • You will make a financial contribution toward the salary

When do the work placements begin and end?

The 5-week work placements will start during the school summer recess from July and end in September 2024.

What positions can I offer?

We are open to a wide variety of positions that would add meaningful impact to your organisation as well as for the young people that will be bringing their skills to the role. Eligible job applicants will be considered for your opportunities based on location, role, skills match and areas of interest.