Why Volunteer Week is Important

The contribution of volunteers to our society is invaluable and essential. Currently, 38% of the UK population volunteers at least once a year adding an estimated value of £22.6 to UK charities. Most importantly, the most common motivation (46%) for people to volunteer is ‘wanting to do good’.  As a celebration of the importance of volunteering in our society and

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What is Volunteer Week?

Volunteering is an altruistic activity whereby individuals or groups provide services and help for no financial or social gain to benefit others. It is an extremely valuable activity that also helps volunteers to connect to the community.  Volunteering can be formal, giving unpaid help through a group or an organisation and informal, individually driven by giving unpaid help to individuals,

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Diversity used as ‘PR glow’ in the Asset Management Industry?

The UK asset management industry’s top brass, which refers to the managing tiers of these industries assembled together on Monday 18th September 2017. In looking at the typical manager of many business firms, a survey conducted by Mercer found that managers are most likely to be male, white, middle-aged and and heterosexual. Along with this he is likely to be

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Is there a negative impact of colour-blindness approach on organisations and individual employees?

Deloitte’s recent decision to omit its Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) has sparked a new flavour of conversation in the world of diversity. ERG’s essentially was a three-fold dynamic which endeavoured to leave out white men with somewhat hopes of increasing diversity at the workplace. However, Deloitte’s reasons for clamping down on such a regime was because of their belief in

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CEOs, Leadership Styles and CSR

According to the PwC CEO survey of 2016 around 49% of CEO’s are taking active measures to develop their leadership. The report stated that it was necessary for CEO’s to be “able to operate in a world with multiple stakeholders, different values and diverse attitudes toward law and rights, all in an increasingly volatile economic context”. This has transcended into

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