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The legal sector is far bigger than just law firms. Companies of all sizes, sectors, and specialisms require a robust understanding of the legal landscape to ensure robust governance. As a result the demand for qualified and experienced professionals cuts across all areas of the economy. 

There are many challenges facing the sector. Ingress from US based firms is driving greater competition for market share amongst more than 9,500 legal firms in the UK. Rapid expansion of the sector over the past two decades means increased demand for talent while at the same time, recent research indicates 51% of corporate lawyers working in private practice are planning to exit their current role within the next couple of years. Balancing and addressing these challenges will require focused, driven, and empathetic leadership.

Our approach

Research-based. Evidence-driven.

Our services use evidence and research at their core to ensure we’re making the biggest impact. It has been our privilege to work with some of the biggest organisations in the sector, which has given invaluable insight into its requirements.

Approved industry leaders

Inclusive Boards are corporate members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and our leadership programmes are ILM accredited. We’ve supported a range of organisations working to deliver on the ambitions of the sector.

Wrap-around care

We have a clear care service aimed at ensuring quality throughout the entire process, for all clients and candidates.

Diversity and inclusion experts

Diversity is at the core of who we are. We are a black-owned and black-led organisation with a diverse team, so we bring lived experience, empathy and understanding to our practice.

Our understanding of the Legal Sector

  • Our Understanding

    Beyond the Bottom Line

    Overall and relative to other areas of the economy, the legal sector remained relatively stable throughout the pandemic. With a turnover of £32 billion and employing approximately 350,000 people, the legal sector is a huge contributor to the UK economy and jobs market.

    Law is the fabric which underpins our society, with threads running throughout every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Everything, from ensuring fair and just treatment to the adjudication of disputes depends on a robust legislative framework and an equally robust sector. However, with huge backlogs in the courts, the profession is needed now more than ever to see justice delivered with certainty and celerity.

  • Our Understanding

    Diversity in the sector

    There has been gradual progress in terms of representation across the legal sector. Women now comprise 61% of solicitors overall. However, only 35% of partners are female. This is also distributed unevenly across different practice areas. For example, only 39% of criminal lawyers are female, compared with 56% in private client work.

    17% of all lawyers are of a minority ethnic background, however, they are still significantly underrepresented in mid-to-large firms. Less than half (17%) of all lawyers come from a lower socioeconomic background compared to 39% of the population overall. On the other hand, more lawyers (3.5%) identify as LGBTQ+ than 3.1% of the UK population.

    There is more work to be done. However, encouragingly, there is a raft of initiatives across the sector, in firms of all sizes, set on widening access to the profession.

  • Our Understanding

    Our work in the sector

    Having worked with a diverse range of organisations, from regulator to law practice, we’re familiar with the needs and challenges of the sector. We’ve delivered a range of services including executive search and capacity building training sessions across the industry.

    We’re committed to supporting robust governance arrangements as well as the continued growth of the legal sector by placing the right leaders in the right roles. Our clients include the Bar Standards Board, Lee and Thompson LLP, the Office for Legal Complaints and more.

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