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We offer executive and board search services across sectors and industries. We are particularly experienced in supporting charities, membership organisations, SMEs, and public appointments. Previous clients include Amnesty International, Education Development Trust, and drug & alcohol charity Blenheim.

Inclusive Boards first mission is to ensure every organisation has access to the most diverse possible shortlist when recruiting. We believe that to attract different candidates you have to have different approaches. Not everyone uses LinkedIn, neither do they search Guardian Jobs or seek out recruitment companies for opportunities. Some do, but others require you to go beyond traditional methods to find them. They require networks and know-how. This is what makes us the most unique executive search firm currently in the market… And probably one of the most affordable too.

We have delivered recruitment services for some of the largest charities in the UK, including the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB) and British Red Cross, and have been part of Cabinet Office strategic discussions around improving diversity recruitment in governance. We have 60,000 diverse professionals within our network, with 40,000 being BAME. We have a relatively even gender split of candidates also. Our reach expands into communities across the UK.

We are able to source candidates that others simply wouldn’t, whilst also ensuring we do not forget the candidates that come through commonly used methods. What every one of our clients can say after a recruitment round, is that they picked the best possible candidate for an opportunity, and they also ensured they took diversity into account.


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We specialise in helping organisations to develop more diverse boards and senior teams.

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