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Often referred to as a single sector, STEM comprises the four fields of science, technical, engineering, and mathematics. Each of these industries share challenges and strengths, but also have their own identities requiring responsive solutions designed to drive progress forward. 

The sector’s response to the challenges of the pandemic showcased its ability to generate rapid and innovative responses to societal challenges, from mRNA vaccinations to the UCL Ventura device. However, issues such as climate change, fresh water supply, soil erosion and more continue to loom overhead. Now more than ever before we need to unleash the potential of the STEM sector, starting with strong leadership.

Our approach

Research-based. Evidence-driven.

Our services use evidence and research at their core to ensure we’re making the biggest impact. We’ve published reports examining diversity in both the tech and engineering sectors, as well as power lists highlighting the achievements of some of the most influential women within.

Approved industry leaders

Inclusive Boards are corporate members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and our leadership programmes are ILM accredited. We’ve supported a range of organisations working to deliver on the ambitions of the sector.

Wrap-around care

We have a clear care service aimed at ensuring quality throughout the entire process, for all clients and candidates.

Diversity and inclusion experts

Diversity is at the core of who we are. We are a black-owned and black-led organisation with a diverse team, so we bring lived experience, empathy and understanding to our practice.

Our understanding of the STEM Sector

  • Our Understanding

    More than business

    Just under a third (32%) of the UK working age population, over 10 million people, are employed in STEM collectively. In addition, the sector adds an enormous amount to our economy. For example, engineering accounts for 25% of gross value added, and construction adds £90 billion each year.

    However, STEM is far more than just its economic impact. Each of the fields under its umbrella are key to our flourishing as a species. From infrastructure which underpins our society, to continuous improvements in our quality of life, nothing would be possible without the innovation and determination fueled by this sector. The sector is rapidly expanding, but at the same time there is a skills shortage currently costing £1.5 billion each year. In order to meet the growing demands for expertise, each of the industries within must cast a wider net for talent which is inclusive of everyone.

  • Our Understanding

    Diversity in STEM

    The picture for diversity in STEM is complicated, owing to the inherent variation in industries contained under the umbrella term. However, as with many sectors of the economy, there are multiple groups who are underrepresented in multiple areas, including education, training and employment. Increasing diversity within STEM will lead to greater innovation and creativity, and provide role models for those currently underrepresented by the sector.

    For example, only 27% of the STEM workforce is female, compared with 52% of the wider workforce. In addition, only 11% of STEM workers are disabled, compared to 14% of the rest of the workforce. There is evidence that inclusion should also be an area of focus for this sector, with minority ethnic students and staff consistently experiencing poorer outcomes than their white peers.

  • Our Understanding

    Our work with the sector

    From placing candidates within the STEM sector to introducing key specialisms such as cyber security in other areas, we’ve worked extensively to ensure that organisations are met with the right skills to see them succeed.

    Our clients and partners in the sector include the British Science Association, Red Badger, and more. We’ve also conducted substantial research into the diversity of the sector, highlighting areas in which representation can be improved.

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