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Diversity in STEM Subjects

As part of Inclusive Boards increasing work within the UK Tech sector we are releasing a briefing about the current landscape. We have found that there is a distinct lack of available data in regards to BAME diversity in tech. Whilst data in relation to gender diversity in tech is more readily available, the figures and experiences make for depressing reading. Pat 3 of our briefing is below:

Not for People Like Us!

A report by Tech City UK reveals that only 13% of women are interested in a career in the technology sector. The remaining respondents are not attracted to the sector primarily due to a perceived lack of skills (45%). Another common cause is the lack of knowledge about the sector (38%), while a worrying quarter (24%) stated that the tech industry is ‘not for people like them’.

“It is so concerning that technology is failing to attract young women. Diversity is crucial if we are to build world-beating technologies that can improve people’s lives. It is clear that more must be done, both by the technology industry and in schools, to show young women that they are more than capable of excelling in this industry.”
Dr George Windsor, Senior Insights Manager at Tech City UK

Student Representation and STEM Subjects:
* One fifth of all UK-domiciled STEM students are from a BAME backgrounds and as such, are an essential part of the UK STEM talent pipeline

* Women were less than a fifth of those studying computer science (18%) and engineering and technology (16%) within though they make up half of the UK population