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Report launch at the House of Commons

This year’s diversity figures will be released on Thursday April 19th at the House of Commons. Our findings will show the sector is still lagging behind private companies with 6.6% of trustees being from an ethnic minority background – this compares to 8.2% on FTSE 100 boards.

The event on Thursday will bring together over 160 charity leaders to discuss diversity in gender as well as race across the third sector. The research highlights that whilst the gender gap at board level is narrow compared to other sectors, there is still an imbalance at the top compared to the overall make-up of the workforce. Some key findings:

  • Almost 80% of senior leadership teams lack any ethnic minority professionals
  • Nearly 60% of senior leaders are men whilst women make up 65% of employees in the sector overall
  • 62% of the UK’s largest charities have all white boards
  • 66% of trustees from the top 500 charities are men while only 34% are female.

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