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Football Firsts: An Evening Celebrating Black Footballer’s Achievements

Along with the many great events that take place in the month of October commemorating Black History Month lies another great event coming up on Friday 13th October 2017. This event is dynamic in and of itself as the Paul Canoville Foundation in association with Street Cred Productions will be honouring and celebrating Black Footballers.

The evening has been set aside, especially, to highlight the positive achievements of Black Footballers. They have been tagged as ‘Football Firsts’ to coincide with notion of their pioneering efforts as professional football players.

This indeed raises a deeper sense of awareness on improvements made for greater inclusivity over the past years. Following many years of activism to end racism on the football pitch along with many other issues this event ultimately exemplifies the strides that have been taken to accept diversity of race in the football industry as a norm.

Part of the evening will be a panel formed by Paul Canoville, Howard Gayle, Ricky Hill, Pat Nevin, John Barnes, Les Ferdinand, Paul Elliot, Chris Ramsey and Hope Powell all former Black English and Scottish football players. Undoubtedly, this is guaranteed to give the evening a deeper sense of understanding and pride attached to what these players have achieved throughout their careers. Similarly, highlight the diverse and dynamic achievements of Black Footballers despite any social adversities disallowing the notion of diversity in the Football industry.

The programme for the evening promises to be an enjoyable event, along with the chance to mingle with the panellists. Taking place in London, the hub of diversity and inclusion, this event oozes with a promising future of many highlighted achievements of pioneering people from minority groups.

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