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Inclusive Boards: How to Recruit Better

Business leaders agree that mixed teams are more representative of customers; offer a variety of viewpoints and a wider range of experience, which improves decision-making and problem-solving.

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In Focus: Martin Collett

Inclusive Boards sat down with Martin Collett to find out more about his experience as a Trustee and what can be done to improve LGBTQ+ representation at senior leadership and board level.

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Levelling Leadership

What we define as ‘Leadership’ is a skill that constantly changes through time. While constants remain, what was once seen as ‘good leadership’ two hundred years ago is unlikely to remain the same today…

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Uncertainty in the Time of Coronavirus

Boards across the world are currently tackling the huge uncertainty created by the current crisis. In light of this, Inclusive Boards have taken a look at different ways executives can…

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